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I had a fun conversation today with a friend. We were discussing trying to juggle our kids’ schedules, and she said that if I had a Time Turner, she would love to borrow it. Now for those of you who aren’t Harry Potter fans, stop reading now, as this post will make no sense to you. However, if you are an enlightened HP expert, read on and enjoy!

The world of Hogwarts and the Ministry of Magic is filled with some amazing inventions and oddities that would simplify life. So here’s my list of things I would love to have, if I weren’t a muggle.

1. Time Turner- this little device would help me with all manner of scheduling conflicts like “should I lie on the bed and watch another episode of (fill in the Amazon or Netflix show of your choice), or should I do a creative and productive project from Pinterest?” With a Time Turner, I can do both! This device would also come in handy for daily puzzlements like “where did I set my glasses down” and for winning arguments like “I know that I told you this earlier, you must not have been listening.”

2. Light Put-Outer- while this may seem as if its not terribly useful, I disagree. Wouldn’t it be nice to leave all the lights on in the house, and just use the LPO when you get into bed? Then you would not be bumping into the coffee table or stepping on toys in the dark on the way to your room at night. It could also come in handy when you want to pretend no one is home, like on Halloween when you are out of candy, or when members of certain religious groups knock on the door.

3. A broom- more specifically, the Firebolt. In an age when most of us think we’ve gotten a great deal on gas if it costs us less than $3 a gallon to fill up, wouldn’t it be great to be able to simply hop on a broom and fly wherever we want. Of course, this has the added benefit of not dealing with TSA to travel. I’m not quite sure how a car seat could be strapped on to the back, but hey, we are imaging here! Surely the makers of the Firebolt must have side cars that could be purchased separately.

4. Mrs. Weasley’s homemaking enchantments- the automatic dish scrubber is a favorite of mine, as is the clock showing where all the family members are at any given time. Think of it as a low-tech, magical FourSquare. While there is certainly an argument to be made for a house-elf rather than Mrs. Weasley’s enchantments, I’m not quite sure how I would feel about a small elf living in my home wearing a pillowcase. And then there’s Hermione’s tireless pursuit of the emancipation of the poor house-elf that must be considered.

5. The Invisibility Cloak- do I really need to give an explanation?

6. The Room of Requirement- what I envision is a sort of a movable ROR. Need to mail a parcel? BAM- a post office. Want a latte? BAM- a coffee shop. Driving on a family trip with kids who have to pee? BAM- a clean, well-lit, non-creepy rest stop.

7. The Quick Quotes Quill- for any student who has ever taken notes in a college class, wouldn’t this little pen have saved you hand cramps? What would be even better is if the QQQ could be used to take essay tests for English Literature when filling up a Blue Book in less than 2 hours was a necessity.

I was going to attempt a list of 10, but stopping at 7 seemed more fitting for the magical world of Harry Potter.

What would you add, if you weren’t a muggle?


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