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June Snapshot

June Snapshot
June’s “Current Snapshot” blog, for those who are interested. I totally missed May. Oh well!

We just finished the last season of 24. What an amazing series. Although some seasons were better than others, I loved the way the characters and their relationships were developed. I know that I will be revisiting Jack and CTU again in the future.

Last night we watched the pilot of Justified. Really great writing. The main character is a US Marshall, a modern-day cross between Wyatt Earp and Malcolm Reynolds with a dash of John Wayne thrown in for good measure. It has a great cinematic feel. If the first episode is any indication, I think I’m going to love it.

This is still a huge gaping void in my life that is so uncharacteristic of me. It needs to change ASAP. I am beginning a new Bible study at church next week, so I will be reading that book and desperately need to find time for some fiction.

Recently oldest son discovered the music of Michael Jackson. I’ve loved listening to some of the greats like “Thriller” and “Bad”, but we’ve also enjoyed oldies like “Rock with You” and the Jackson 5’s “I want you back.” My favorite part of listening to MJ is watching my sweet boy dance and sing along and make up words when no one has any idea what the lyrics are. One of the best observations came from my son while listening to “Smooth Criminal”. He said “mom, they should have titled this ‘Annie, are you ok?’ Because those are the only words you can understand and he sings them over and over again!”

When I’m not strolling down memory lane and creating new ones with my son, I’m still obsessed with hymns!!! (Yes, I do realize the irony)

I am working on a yarn-wrapped initial for our front door. I traced a giant H off our computer screen, then cut the letter from some cardboard and wrapped it with yarn. I still have to crochet some accent flowers to put on it. I can’t wait until it is finished and adorning our entry way.

I’ve also been making baby food for our little one. I steam the fruits or veggies, let them cool, then purée them in the fabulous food processor that my Dad gave us. I then pour the purée into ice cube trays to freeze. After frozen, I put the cubes into freezer bags. I tried using regular ice cube trays initially, but they quickly demonstrated that they were not up for the task. My best friend sent us some amazing silicone trays that have worked much better. I also purchased some re-fillable pouches that we use for on the go meals. Our little guy is loving his table food! I love that he is only eating food that I make with fresh ingredients and no preservatives. We are also enjoying the financial savings!

June is a tough month because my oldest son is with his dad. It is a daily struggle to combat the waves of sadness when I walk by his room or see pictures of friends doing fun summer activities with their children. I am looking forward to July when we have big plans for our family vacation and other fun things to do.

It has been one year since we left our old church. I am so grateful for the years that we spent there, and my “Foundation family” will always have a special place in my heart. However, I know that we made the right choice in leaving and Kevin and I both feel so blessed to be at Grace now. GBC has wrapped us in love and prayer and helped make the transition into a new church home so much easier than in could have been. The members at Grace have astounded me with their generosity.

I am also so incredibly grateful every day for our family and friends. When the storms of life have hit us, they have demonstrated their support through word and deed. There are no words to ever fully express the depths of our gratitude for all that they have done for our family.

I’m looking forward to a month with my Bug and planning all kinds of cool activities. Science experiments, art projects, trips to see family and friends, and lots and lots of swimming!

I got my car windows tinted this past week and WE ARE LOVING IT!!! Levi is glad he doesn’t have the sun beaming down on him through the back window, and I am enjoying that I don’t have to run my ac at full blast constantly anymore. I’ve decided that no one should ever buy a car in Texas without tinted windows. It was an amazing investment.

My dear friend Carol brought us a woven baby sling from Guatemala when they went on their mission trip. We love using it for quick trips into the store or out to hang laundry on the line. It is so beautiful and works amazingly well.

I learned about the camera+ app for the iPhone a couple of weeks ago while reading a photography blog, and I am in love with it!!! Hands down the best .99 I ever spent. It is easier to use and focus than the in-phone camera, allows some terrific edits, and has all of the fun filters of Instagram, but I think it is way easier to use. It also allows some lighting corrections and depth of field edits. If you take a lot of pictures with your iPhone, but don’t want them to look like they are pictures you took with your phone, you need to purchase this app! You won’t be sorry.

Stay tuned for next month’s snapshot…


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