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April Snapshot

April’s “Current Snapshot” blog, for those who are interested.

We are watching the last season of 24 on Netflix. I really love this series. While some seasons have been better than others, I think it is up there with NYPD Blue for one of my all-time favorite, crime-fighting dramas. The world needs more Jack Bauers.

We are also watching Season 2 of Little House on the Prairie. I love that my 8 year old son adores it and that it is something we can enjoy together as a family. I am increasingly drawn to the simplicity of the Ingalls’ lifestyle, albeit with a few modern conveniences like indoor plumbing, modern medicine, and wifi added.

I am not currently reading a book (gasp!!!). A situation that will be remedied, hopefully, this week by a trip to the library. Life has thrown us a few curveballs lately and my reading time has been otherwise occupied. I am enjoying the daily blogs I read when I have time though. I am also reading through the Gospels. It began as a Lenten observance and, although I got off track a bit, I am still planning on finishing them.

Still enjoying my obsession with hymns this month. They are just so well-written with meaningful lyrics and timeless melodies. I truly can’t get enough of them. I love contemporary worship and praise music, but there is nothing like rocking my baby boy to sleep while singing “Blessed Assurance” in his ear.

This past month, I made 2 Jon Jon rompers for my 5 month old. 1 is a play romper and 1 is a bit dressier that he wore for church on Easter. I still have tons to learn about sewing, but I am enjoying it so much and, minus a couple of boo boos, I’m thrilled with how they turned out.

I promised my oldest son a new vest, so that’s the next sewing project in the queue.

I am about to start a name craft in the baby’s nursery (that I had hoped to have finished before he was born!). Oh well- it has been a lesson in not sweating the small stuff!

Lately I felt a bit overwhelmed with some of the challenges that life has thrown at us. I am feeling so grateful that I have a Savior to lean in to. Our pastor’s sermon this past Sunday was exactly what I needed to hear and be reminded of. I need to preach the Gospel to myself everyday!

We are still working on the garden plan. We started our seeds inside about a week ago and they are doing really well. For the past 2 years, we have purchased plants from the nursery so this is the first time to begin our garden from seeds. We saved a ton of money! As an added bonus, I just love seeing the little sprigs shoot out of that soil and reach for the sun! I can’t wait to get them in the ground in the next few weeks! (That was an over-abundance of exclamation points in that paragraph- but it just makes me so happy!)

I love my children at any age and stage, but their current ages are just so much fun! Our oldest son is full of his usual creative and imaginative exploration. He is old enough now to have some great conversations with and I just love seeing a glimpse of the man God is fashioning him to be. Our baby bundle is doing all sorts of nifty new tricks. He rolls both ways and genuinely plays with his toys now. He is also getting close to crawling and sitting up. While my Mama’s heart aches that those precious newborn days are so fleeting, I love seeing his discovery of the world around him.

My husband continues to amaze me with his capacity to live out his vows every single day. He is the perfect help-mate and partner for me and I give thanks for his love in new ways each day!

Stay tuned for next month’s snapshot…


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